New Music Video: Afternoon Affair

Once, an afternoon affair. Here, it’s safe.

Sometimes I just could not find the right words to say. Searching for the right words to express abstract feelings, substituting symbols for meanings and vice versa, can be a struggle. But it doesn’t mean it is less true, it’s just some feelings are harder to transpose than others.

At times I cut myself open in search for something to say. But in the end, I didn’t need to say anything at all.

In the video, I wanted to recreate the flow and jagged distortions of that thought process. Fragments of time jumbled up together, erratic and lifeless except of meanings and memories appearing in different forms.

I remember when I came up with the song intro and chorus riffs up to the time I worked on it in the studio. Something about those feelings that wanted to be free, if I only knew what it was, and I wanted to tell that side of the story. Except the words were unnameable but just as real.

Tracking Nomad Heart Album || Morgan Hill CA

One day I thought about making a video for my song Afternoon Affair, off Nomad Heart album, from old clips I’ve shot. From my previous experience working with a music video, it took me weeks of work to finish so I thought nothing less this time around. But as soon I started working I could not stop.  As I was collecting clips, I started editing and putting them together. Ideas came and went but I kept chipping away things I didn’t want until it made sense. Just enough so I could go on to the next. 

Memories had reappeared from the time I was working with the song as I worked with the video. The same feelings that I still don’t have any words to call about but are as true as day and night.

Day rolled by.

I lost track of time until I was reminded by the young lady cleaning the table they were closing. It had been over 8 hours since I started sipping my, now long dried out, grande regular coffee.

It was after dark when I got back in the yard, but instead of eating or taking a break I plugged in the extension cord and went inside my car and continued editing past midnight.  I wasn’t sure about what I had but that idea was all I needed to keep me wired all day and night.

My eyes burned but kept thinking about the video long after I put away the laptop continually editing in my head as I lay in bed.  I might have dreamed about it too. It was the last thing I remember before I lost consciousness and the first thing on my mind when I got up a few hours later, and resumed working until I finished the video by noon – 24 hours after I started the project.

The heart communicates in abstract languages.  Sometimes it’s best to tell a story when you just let the heart speak and trust what it has to say, even if it doesn’t have any words at all.  

Afternoon Affair || Music Video

Shout out to all the good people who made this journey, interesting, worthwhile and meaningful. Thank you!

All the love.

Track # 2 Afternoon Affair by we are, et al. off Nomad Heart Album
Performed/arranged/produced by Renekarl Paradela

Video shot/edited/directed by Renekarl Paradela

All rights reserved. 2019