Sleepy Eyes: A Noir Kind Of Day.

For the first time in a long while, I fell ill and spent most of March recuperating. These slow gloomy days in the yard were important to reflect how ephemeral this all is. This would be my body telling me I needed a break. It was a perfect humbling space of time.

Slowly. Healing.

Looked back on the (stupid) things I have done this past couple of years, decisions I have made. What have I gained? And lost?  Was it worth it? What now?

These are the times I get to be reminded how lucky I am.

I remembered that wild trip I took across the country and back while editing the album, Nomad Heart.  It’s weird how they appear so fresh in my memory I could feel am part of that continuum – as if it has never ended.

Last weekend, the homie visited the yard and shot an impromptu. We were both feeling a little noir talking about adult stuff and more stuff – about time flying.  But it was so pretty and couldn’t ignore the lovely day out in the yard so naturally, we did our thing.

Ending Nomad Heart anniversary month. Track #7 Sleepy Eyes

Little things to get by.

PS New album coming soon!

Sleepy Eyes Live Acoustic @ The Yard: A Makeshift. || Video by Klint Alerta

Sleepy Eyes by we are, et al.

Flashback a summer breeze

Too many crippled lines

Passed a standpoint

Pressed down a distant time

Lost a castaway

Crossed paths in search for home

Rules we’d never know

A love can only grow

Verse II

Dressed in battle scars

A fallen comrade’s tale

This road a sinister

Of never ending trail

Bones and a consequence

A call of father time

Bow to the mighty ground

This house is falling down


Every day’s been slipping out

You’re farther out of reach

Dreams we make disintegrate

You’re falling to the grave

Promise me you’ll stick with me

I’d get you out of here

We could build a steady pace

But I’d have to win this race

And I say


Oh sleepy eyes

Lay down just fine

Lean all you can

I understand

Why you’re running away

Lyrics & music by Renekarl Paradela

Here’s the music video I made taken from the trip.