we are, et al. : Summer’s Colder And I’m Still Here

Going back to the old stomping grounds up the hills.

Not too long ago, I’d come here often during the night to unwind.  I’d also brought many of my friends here and has since been our ‘secret’ spot – too many memories were made on this little nook we used to call our own.

Special enough, I’d spent few Christmas nights here – alone.

Been wanting to shoot a video on this special spot for so long, and it’s not that I haven’t attempted but somehow never materialized. Until I made it back here one afternoon and finally recorded one. It sprinkled a bit just when I made it to the spot but luckily it died down after waiting it out.  Wanted to take a decent audio recording only to find out my mic ran out of batteries. Oh well… The wind was doing its thing and I ended up using the camera’s built-in mic.

I’m sure I’d be back here one day. So purrty.

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Summer’s Colder & I’m Still Here

Verse I


Asking you questions

What is this quest for

Would you decide what I might feel

Well do you not let go

We could forward eventually

Open your heart now

Every second of everything

And if you decide not

Then tell me things that I should know

Let me go over

Now I can’t escape what I had found


I know where I’d go I just can’t see why I am here

I know what I want I just can’t get what I do need

I know where I’d go

Verse II


Wrestle my thoughts pull me off the ground

Too late to go now

All the folks just might come around

Well you said that I changed

But why do I feel I am all the same

If I decide not to

At least could you give me a hint or two




It’s colder and I’m still here

Repeat Koro

Music/Lyrics by Renekarl Paradela