Show: Vollie Ray’s Circus! HTX

Since packing my bag to live off on the road in my car, I’ve mostly played in streets, parking lots, yards, parks, trails, rest areas, forests, train stations, backcountry, beaches and empty hallways.

It’s been over 2 years – and truth is, I still don’t have a clue where this is heading.

I’d stopped guessing what would happen and followed a path carved in this heart.

This time – the road takes me Houston where I’m camped to work on my 4th album.

Excited to share these stories and experiences as I play my first and only show for 2019 at Vollie Ray’s Circus in Houston TX on December 27 2019, 9pm.

Intimate and rare performance of Ricky Paradela aka we are, et al. Since leaving the local music scene, the Bay Area, California based indie artist has spent the last couple of years living off on the road in a tiny car traveling around the country playing mostly in streets, yards, parking lots, trails, forests, beaches, train stations, empty hallways – this time, it takes him back to his second home, Houston Texas.

Catch the singer-songwriter and multi-instrumentalist for a rare stage performance as he shares his journey and stories on the road – living an alternative, unconventional lifestyle as a modern day nomad.