This Just Came In The Mail: Nomad Heart CDs

So I finally got these in the mail – my latest album Nomad Heart CDs🔥

Spent more than half a year working on this from scratch to finish. Writing and tracking every instrument before leaving on a journey cross country and back, and living off my car to survive, all while mixing the rest of the album. The experience had been a great test of will, and perhaps forged a character that I’m truly grateful.

Born out of fears and doubts, of hopes and aspirations, I can only speak from what I know and understand. Here, I am.

These last few years had been quite a ride, it’s magical. I’m humbled and grateful to be doing what I love to do. 

Please let me know if you’d like to get a copy. They are $10 a piece but I am open for ANY trades (hint: 🍞) or just take one – all I ask is you’ll take a gander and when you’re done you can pass it along to people who might like it. Certainly, my music isn’t for everyone, but it is for someone. Can you help me find that? Yeah?

Stream on  Spotify  or download all of my songs free please visit Bandcamp🧚

Thank you good people! 🔥🙏

Spread them good vibes 🌬️