Nostalgia: A Burlesque Chorale

…but it was only yesterday.  I could swear.

My second single, A Burlesque Chorale, off the EP …for the most part., is almost 2 years old. I certainly enjoyed the time making this project. I had many wonderful moments spent with friends in my old studio in San Jose during this time.

Now I reminisce fondly of those times writing the lyrics in parks, lakes, on a hike, at home. I’m reminded of how I almost always struggle to write.  Though it wasn’t always too easy, it was fun and worthwhile.

Only now it is beginning to make sense why I’d always seem to have a propensity to write about adventures and life, falling with complete abandon.. among many other things clear and not so clear to me. Making music was always an adventure.

And these, indeed, were the wild times.

I must confess, I miss working in the studio.

Can’t wait to start laying tracks for the next project. It’s kinda like barefoot, nakedly curious.

Also, I’ll be playing at Stork Club in Oakland, November 17th. It’d awesome to see some old and new folks. Stoked!

Spread them good vibes.