we are, et al. : When You Let Go Of The Past Not Because Of What Once Was, But Because You No Longer Belong There. 

Time flies.

Is it possible to outgrow a feeling, an experience – move on? A path you know you have to follow but it’s not the same road as before.

When you could no longer relate to what was once a life. When you let go of the past not because of what once was, but because you no longer belong there anymore.

When things don’t work out any longer and there is nothing left to say or prove. Staying in a foreign house with a familiar hurt. Living on empty shells too crowded for each other.

The longer you stay, the more you hurt.  But if only one can escape the guilt of moving on. There will never be enough reasons why – what is right or wrong, does it still matter?

Why is a heart so selfish? …but whose heart?

You wished the waves could crash, only, softly, take you somewhere – a common ground. Someday. Soon.

Autumn Swoon

Tired of waiting for the rising sun
I forgot the words I’m pinning off the wall
Wonder if we’ll ever get to see this through
Coz I can’t see the world from where I stand

Perfect were the moments every now and a few
Once gone there’s less to say a lot to blame
Little was the choice of what was left to prove
Once more we pushed and started and it’s okay

Can the leaves fall as the autumn swoons
Should the waves crash only softly
And it’ll take us somewhere
Maybe someday, soon

We can say goodbye with civil eyes
We can make it fine

Nomad Heart album turns one!